Leggings for days

Is it me or is this the season for leggings? I’ll be honest and always thought that wearing leggings as pants was the ultimate abomination. But it’s crazy how trends change and standards are thrown to the wind. I can wear leggings all day every day… I pretty much do! They have definitely come a long way from just your simply black cotton leggings. I mean they had to start somewhere though right? Now, they come in beautiful designs, wicking and stretchy fabric, they are the ultimate article of clothing. And as an aerialist, they are a staple in my wardrobe. The best part is, you can get beautiful leggings for hella cheap. You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amounts of money to look like a kick ass yogi. Hell, you don’t even have to practice yoga to wear leggings! Gamiss is the place to shop for all your legging needs. They are super affordable, most of their leggings come in multiple sizes, and they are hella cute!

Get your Gamiss leggings just in time for indoor Valentine’s Day Netflix marathon with yourself! You know me, I hate valentine’s day…so Ryan and I will be spending it in comfy clothes and watching some Black Mirror!

Head Honcho Poncho

I really do love fall and this nice cool weather. If I haven’t mentioned before, I’ll say it again; fall time is the perfect time to experiment with new fashion trends! You can layer and cozy up, try new textures and lengths, try different combinations and have fun with your wardrobe!

One thing I haven’t really ever tried was wearing a poncho, let alone a turtleneck poncho! In past years, I never felt comfortable wearing anything remotely crew neck. I felt like I was suffocating. However with my new pixiecut, I always love the look of short hair with mock and turtlenecks. So I thought I would give it a try.

StyleWe was kind enough to send this beautiful poncho that is the softest item of clothing I own now. My piece of advice, if you’re like me and were apprehensive about turtlenecks, try to find one that is a very soft material. There is nothing worse than wearing something around your neck that is itchy as hell and leaves you with a suspicious looking rash. This poncho is SO INCREDIBLY soft and I just want to wear this all winter long. It’s probably softer than my cats fur…which is VERY soft.

I chose the grey poncho from the two options of black and grey, I know that’s surprising for me too. But I thought the grey could not only keep  me warm, but with it being a lighter color and Southern California’s weather being so unpredictable, the grey could reflect the sun for those random warm spots throughout the day.

But because I love black so much, I decided to keep a solid black line on the bottom half of my outfit. The poncho is batwing and on the short side, I felt like keeping the bottom black would elongate my legs (like I need to be any taller) and look elegant without actually being uncomfortable. I’m wearing Norstrom Rack’s Articles of Society black jeans with some oxford style heel booties.

Velvet Revival at TwinkleDeals

Winter is coming! And for me that means I get to wear ALL THE VELVET! I remember when my mom would dress me in (what I thought at the time was) hideous velvet dresses and blouses for the holidays… Little did I know that, velvet is freaking AMAZING! It’s freaking soft and comfy and literally everyone looks good in it! So when I learned that more people felt the same way about velvet enough to bring it back in style…AH! I got sooo excited! I have multiple leggings that are crushed velvet, blouses and a dress.

Velvet is coming back with a vengeance in recent years and I absolutely love it! I will buy ALL of it! I could honestly wear velvet everyday of my life and be completely happy.

TwinkleDeals has some great velvet items right now and if you’re like me, you’re going to buy everything in every color!