Velvet Revival at TwinkleDeals

Winter is coming! And for me that means I get to wear ALL THE VELVET! I remember when my mom would dress me in (what I thought at the time was) hideous velvet dresses and blouses for the holidays… Little did I know that, velvet is freaking AMAZING! It’s freaking soft and comfy and literally everyone looks good in it! So when I learned that more people felt the same way about velvet enough to bring it back in style…AH! I got sooo excited! I have multiple leggings that are crushed velvet, blouses and a dress.

Velvet is coming back with a vengeance in recent years and I absolutely love it! I will buy ALL of it! I could honestly wear velvet everyday of my life and be completely happy.

TwinkleDeals has some great velvet items right now and if you’re like me, you’re going to buy everything in every color!