I’m Getting Married!

WHAAAAA!? ok so this is mainly why you haven’t seen me since my Mammoth trip. Sorry not sorry! I am thoroughly enjoying my time living life with my FIANCE! Taking a little hiatus with social media and especially with the blog. I hope you aren’t too mad but when you get engaged that’s like the only thing on your mind!!

Proposal selfie with my soon to be hubby and proposal ring!

With that being said, I won’t make any promises about sticking with posting regularly again or just leaving the blog all together while I enjoy my engagement and wedding planning but I want you all to know that I’m not dead! I am alive and well! You are more than welcome to follow me on my Instagram and aerial account to stay updated on my life and the wedding plans!

Seemed appropriate with this giant rock on my finger!

So thank you all for being understanding, now I’m going to enjoy being all engaged as fuck!