Zaful Wins vs. Fails

I always use caution when ordering items online. Like I will have things in my cart for WEEKS before I decide to buy them. I try do as much research on the product that I can possible uncover before clicking buy now…But sometimes it still isn’t quite enough. I have looked into average us size measurements, I have tried to math the fuck out of comparing my measurements to the models measurements… I even try to stick to items that only have bust/waist/hip sizes available to view…but again, sometimes you still over/under estimate the size and end up with a could be cute outfit!

Not all is lost though, sometimes you hit the nail right on the head and score your new favorite top or pants or accessory (because accessories are always true to size) And I thought I would show you my recent Wins vs. Fails featuring Zaful.


So now that we started this post off on a low note, lets pick it up again with the WINS!

First off we have this flowy black cage top. Super simple but not too simple top right? Its incredibly soft and comfy. It fits exactly how I wanted. I was going for a shift style top that I can wear either around the house, or running errands. Or even on days when I want to stuff my face and not look like a package wrapped sausage!

Next are the glasses, which are very unique! All the Halloween stores I have been to this month all have such cool and funky sunglasses. I almost bought a pair of red flip sunnies but decided to go with Zaful. These are a bit more sturdy than the Halloween store pair. They are metal rather than bulk plastic and I feel like they are such a cool statement pair of Rose Colored Glasses! I will point out, these make EVERYTHING LOOK COVERED IN BLOOD, like that elevator scene in The Shining.

Lastly we have a silver ring set. I love getting ring sets from Zaful because they have a bunch of styles to choose from for a lot less than other stores like Forever 21. I decided to go with a more western style of rings than my usual witchy crystals because you can never have enough statement rings! I really love the oversized rings in this set!


Now for that sad part of the haul. The Fails.

I have been really into the post-apocalyptic look lately for this upcoming winter season so I wanted a really flow a symmetrical top that looked worn in and also mage like. I chose this red cowl neck flowy top…and they weren’t kidding when they labeled this top as plus sized. I thought maybe the plus size would just be slightly bigger and flowy-er… but literally everything about it is bigger. It is falling off my shoulders and there is like no way of it staying up on my body! So sad! If I find someone I can give it to, I will probably regift it. If not, I will post this on my Poshmark for you lovely curvy ladies out there and hopefully you can get some wear out of this top!

I am slowly warming up to cage and bondage bras after they have been out for a while now. I have a large chest tattoo, if you didn’t know, and I always thought those types of bras would clash with my tattoo. But like I said, I’m seeing more ladies with tattoos wear them and thought, “Yeah! I’ll do it!” So I saw this bondage bra on the website and got it…well no warning of assembly required was posted…and I still have yet to figure out how this thing stays together. Maybe when I figure it out then my opinion will change, but as of now, this has turned into a rubiks cube game of chess.

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