“Business” Casual

More like I’m-ready-for-a-night-out-with-the-girls-and-cocktails-business-cas cas.

This blouse from StyleWe (thanks queen!) is super nice quality and a fun version of your boring business-business button down. I really hate button downs…ups…downs… whatever anything because these girls ain’t no B cup. Blouse gapping is a serious issue among the BigTittyComittee community! And simply buying a bigger size defeats the purpose of flaunting what your mama gave you. This blouse, although not form fitting, is not boxy either. I think a lot of bigger chested women tend to have the problem of settling for tops that are more boxy because “at least it fits the girls.” This blouse, however, has some movement and dimension. It’s very flowy and lightweight without feeling cheap.

Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing form fitting clothes too, but for some reason I have been loving looser fitting tops. Well that’s a lie, I know the reason why, I can stuff my face and not have to suck it in! Haha! But to be honest, with my stomach problems, I can be fine one second, and then look 5 months pregnant the next. So, I’ve taken to wearing lose fitting clothing because of it, BUT I’m not admitting defeat, I’m not going to let it ruin my style. I have been on the search for cute oversized items that are comfy and flowy, but also cute and stylish. The last thing I want is to resort to wearing MOOMOOs…

So don’t let some small body troubles discourage you from wearing what you want, whether it be big boobs, a big stomach, or a big butt. If you have a disentended stomach and want to wear a bodycon dress, ain’t nobody stopping you. If you’re like me and like to chose comfort over “style” then try to broaden you horizons, because not all comfy clothes are boring.
So strut what your mama gave you and feel comfortable and confident in this item I totally recommend purchasing!
High Low Blouse

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