One stop sweater shop at Zaful

Who else can feel the beginnings of Autumn in the air? Leave changing colors, breezy cool weather, days getting shorter, nights growing longer…It’s starting to feel a lot like…well autumn for most of the country… Here in Cali though…still 90º But hey, a girl can live vicariously through pinterest and the Zaful “What’s New” page that’s filled with the cutest sweaters!

I can’t tell you how many cool and interesting ways the style industry is designing a simple article of clothing. I didn’t think the sweater could get any crazier than the “cold shouler” look, but boy I was mistaken! Zaful has some serious conversation starting garments that will be sure to grab the attention of any fashionista. Take a look at some of the more interesting sweater styles you can get now at Zaful!

I think my personal favorite is the ripped sweater, mainly because I have cats and this could be a perfect excuse when someone asks “Did you buy that sweater like that?” “Oh no, I’m just a crazy cat lady.” But in all seriousness, the fashion world is coming out with so many new and refreshing takes on a simple item of clothing and its great to have so many options. Literally everyone can express themselves in a variety of styles, colors, and textures to choose from. I just love all this new and quirky clothing that’s been coming out lately and it makes for some hot #OOTD’s! Use this surprise code: ZFEN for a sweet sweater discount!

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