SUN of a B**ch!

California is experiencing a massive heat wave… so while the rest of the nation is underwater, we get to experience Satan’s asshole very VERY intimately.

Just when I thought it was starting to feel like fall… Luckily my new house has a pool which I have been taking full advantage of. Something else I am taking advantage of… This big embroidered white dress… Please excuse me while I go hide in this tent of a dress from the burning sphere of hell in the sky.

Thank you to StyleWe for sending the dress my way! It’s perfect for a swimsuit cover up. I know most people would say it’s a little overkill with the long sleeves and long length…and to them I LAUGH! Have you heard about skin cancer!? I’m not taking ANY chances! And for that, my inner goth can rest easy as I am safe from shriveling away in the direct line of UV rays.

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