Knot what you expected

Items mentioned were given to me by StyleWe. Affiliate codes and regular discount codes may be used at your own discretion.Yas Tatiana, back at it again with the puns!

Sorry I just canKNOT help myself, I’m like those people that find their own jokes funny and end up KNOT even saying a joke out loud because I’m too damn busy giggling to myself. Yeah I’m one of those people. But at least I keep myself entertained.

Thank you StyleWe for hooking a girl up with this cute knotted blouse. The style (in my opinion) just scraped the fashion trend surface. Just barely got by with some notice but didn’t completely blow up like the bell sleeve trend. But I will say it was worth a try! Before the purposeful making-tops-look-tied-at-the-stomach, we (90’s kids) actually had to do it ourselves. I remember wearing button ups and leaving the bottom 3 buttons undone so I can tie it up…think Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby One More Time” school girl. And, more recently, the knotted graphic tee. I love this look but you suffer 2 things, #1 a wrinkly shirt and #2 KNOT what you expected because your tee isn’t loose enough!

But back to StyleWe, this blouse is a perfect combo of work reserved and stylish play. I can see myself wearing this to work for a fun fashion TWIST on “business cas.” Or, like pictured above, I went for a more cas night out look.

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