Style Me Green

So I have never owned a anything like this green bodycon midi dress. I own mostly black, white and variants of red… But green is definitely one of those colors I never gravitated towards. HOWEVER I thought it was time to try something new! So in honor of Dia&Co’s company Try-Day Friday, I decided to try something new!

A word from Dia&Co:

Everyone feels insecure from time-to-time. We often feel like we need to hide our perceived flaws so we avoid specific styles all together. But here at Dia&Co., we challenge the idea that certain clothes are for certain people. Gone are the days of hiding behind a boring wardrobe and saving your dream outfits to Pinterest!

How many times have you tried to create a fun outfit that is out of your comfort zone, only to get nervous at the last minute and change into a safer look?It’s time to up our confidence and try new styles instead of the same go-to pieces. Every Friday in the office we celebrate Try-day Friday where we challenge our ourselves to step out of the box to try new styles

Thank you to FashionMIA for hooking me up with the softest bodycon dress I’ve ever owned! Yes I have black ones but they are a polyester type material, this on the other hand is a super soft cotton, it feels like I’m wearing pajamas! To be completely honest, I think I could have got a smaller size because this dress is just so soft and stretchy and comfortable! So if you decided to purchase this, keep that in mind!

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