Daytime Date Wish List

I have a confession to make… I love embroidery! Well I can’t physically embroider things, but I love clothing, shoes, accessories that have embroidery. It’s definitely coming back in style. Doilies are like my go to thing at thrift stores to transport me back in time. But now embroidered items are a bit more stylish than your great grandmas table runner. Its definitely a hit these past summers and I feel like they are here to stay. They give a little extra flare to what would be a just “meh.” outfit.

Now wouldn’t this little number be hella cute to wear on a day-date? YES if your not planning on entering a wet t-shirt contest, or mud wrestling, or finger painting… Aw fashion, always killing the spontaneous manic pixie dream girl inside me.


The perfect mix between a two piece and an almost romper with a doily flare! This matching set literally is summer goals, it is off shoulder, crop top, embroidered, high-waist, and WHITE! (I love wearing white in summer, it keeps this crazy cat lady cool) Find it here: Off Shoulder Embroidered Crop Top With Shorts

You’ve got to be Kitten me!

I CAT help it, I just love me a good pair of cat eye sunglasses. And I even threw in some pink… which is like unheard of, but doesn’t it look cute with the outfit! yea? HIGH-FIVE! Pink Kitten Eye Sunnies

No, its a WEDGE not a wedgie!

I feel like every time I talk about shoes and mention a wedge, every guy within an arms reach perimeter of me is thinking I’m saying wedgie. Like “Look at my wedgie!” instead of “Look at my wedges!” Any-who wedgies are the most comfortable…I mean WEDGE wedge…yeah. Mink Wedge Heel

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