Style Muse: Zoe Kazan ft. Zaful Clothing

Having pink-eye and a cold doesn’t really leave you much to do for 2 weeks. You know, except sleep… or lay horizontally in bed trying to contain your germs in the solitude of your room… Ya, not much to do. I mean it’s not like I wanted to try to go out and run a marathon. So I got a lot of movie watching done while mustering up enough strength to go back to work. An what did I watch? Rom-Coms. Because who does;t love a funny feel good movie about passion, relationships, and sometimes unrequited love.

First I started off watching some “old favorites” on Netflix. In Your Eyes, What If (The “F” Word), Man Up, and Love Actually to name a few. And then I started getting a girl crush on the cute and quirky Zoe that rocked such an adorable “Zooey Deschanel” style. Zoe Kazan has been in a few of my favorite rom-coms and I wondered how many movies she’s been in. So of course I checked IMDb and sure enough she is in a lot of other romantic comedies. I binged watched nearly all her movies; Ruby Sparks, The Pretty One, In Your Eyes, What If (The “F” Word), The Exploding Girl… just to name a few.




really love her style and figured I can rock the quirky yet shy, romantic librarian hipster. So Zaful and I partnered up to bring you a Zoe & Zooey inspired outfit. The main trend with their looks are a-line skirts and dresses that hug the waist and are flowy as the skirt cascades down to mid-thigh or knee length. Bright, colorful, and modest style blouses are also a must with the style. But just as the main outfit is important, the accessories are just as key to bring the look together. Dainty jewelry and classic pieces really tie everything together to make a Zoe & Zooey look, look like a proper fun and quirky girl next door.

From Zaful: Skirt(similar) | Purse | Necklace


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