Hello Cold Days

Hello cold days! California is finally getting cold! THANK YOU! And with cold days comes cute cold friendly fashion! Sweaters, faux furs, and LEGGINGS! For those of you who don’t know, I am an aerialist in training and I can’t get enough of leggings! I simply can’t have too many. I’m like basically obligated to own ALL THE LEGGINGS! They really come in handy when your sliding on fabric to prevent silk-burns…which is an all too real experience for me! So I am really eyeballing these stirrup leggings, they are perfect for aerial! They wont slide up when performing! And faux fur… it’s becoming a soft spot for me. I thought it was too over the top for me, but lately they have been chipping away at my being. Being an animal lover there is a part of me that secretly hates the fact its meant to look like fur, but I know that I am not contributing to fur farms because as the name states, FAUX-fur. And these faux-fur statement pieces can take the place of other accessories, no need to bling up. You’ll already look classy as hell!

SheIn has an awesome selection of winter wear this holiday season. But what’s even better is THEY HAVE FREE SHIPPING! You heard me right, free shipping on all orders! No minimum! Talk about a Merry Christmas! If your feeling the urge to splurge, guess what, free expedited shipping on orders over $30! And we all get those hankerings to go all out and spend lavishly. Lucky for you! SheIn has free express shipping on all orders over $99! All your goodies just in time for Christmas!

Take advantage of free shipping NOW!

Shop my wishlist:

Mustard Turtleneck Sweater

Brown Buckle Boots

Grey Stirrup Leggings

Mesh Panel Stirrup Leggings

Faux Fur Vest

Zipper Sweater

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