Beautifully CAPEtivated

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Blouse courtesy of Rose Gal | Black Skinnies: Nordstrom Rack | Pointed Flats: Thrifted

Has anyone else noticed capes are making a comeback?? A lot of people thought this fashion trend was long gone…but clearly it has made an esCAPE! And really anyone is CAPEable of wearing one. Ok I think that is the most cape puns I can think of… But all jokes aside, I LOVE this blouse! I was skeptical at first because…well when was the last time you wore a “cape?”
This blouse is absolutely beautiful! Its so unique! I can’t thank Rose Gal enough for sending it my way! This blouse comes in two colors, white and this deep blue. I thought I’d travel away from the monochrome for once and venture into a color I don’t normally wear. The gold detailing pops even more with the deeper color, so I think the blue was the right choice! I can’t decided what’s my favorite part of this garment, the cape sleeves or the gold accents. It’s a perfect combination. This blouse is extremely sheer, which may or may not be a downside, depending on how you look at it. I personally wore a black racer back underneath, but if you’re feeling a bit more risqué (and the weather is a little warmer) I’d say a cute black bralette would suit this blouse. I want to thank the wind for also accentuating the cape’s flowy-ness!

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