Grungy Holidays

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Top courtesy of Rose Gal | Velvet Leggings: Target | Creepers: T.U.K. | Rings: XXI

The holidays are right around the corner, who else is excited for Santa Claus and Christmas carols? Me! I know I said I love Halloween, which is very true, but Christmas is my second favorite holiday. I love the atmosphere, the happiness, being together with family, seeing Christmas lights in the city. I love the magic of it. I personally could do without the religion and stampede of shoppers. That’s why I’m glad online shopping exists!
This top was sent to me by Rose Gal and it’s the perfect slouchy ox-blood tee (you know I can’t get enough of that color) to pair with my velvet leggings. I’m not a fan of wearing leggings as pants, unless my top covers my badonka-donk! I also enjoy the open shoulder detail, it gives what could be just another plain tee, some pa-zazz! So if you’re not feeling the fancy vibe that holiday dinners usually call for, no harm in breaking the mold. Be comfy and grunge while still repping the classic red for good ‘ol Saint Nick.

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