#OOTD Cozy Chic

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Sweater provided by StyleWe | Coat: Thrifted | Boots: XXI

StyleWe and I have come together for this comfy cozy collaboration this fall! Fall is the perfect time for knits, sweaters, and jackets. But bundling up doesn’t mean sacrificing style! I am lucky enough to get to work alongside StyleWe to bring you a new way to layer and look chic while still staying warm. Rather than packing on the bulky sweaters and oversized knits, invest in a more “fitting” chunky knit sweater that will compliment your figure. If you are still chilly, take it up a notch with a tailored princess coat. Nice, warm and cozy but still SLEIGH-ING…Get it?? Like Slay…but a sleigh? Ok sorry bad pun!
But to be honest, I still love layering with some frumpy sweaters too. Can’t beat a frumpy sweater, a fire and TEA!

Knitted H-Line Crew Neck Long Sleve Sweater

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