Halloween Wish-List

I don’t think I can say this enough times… I love Halloween! I love Autumn, I love dark colors, I love scary movies, I love it all! And if you’re like me, you can never have enough black in your wardrobe! Summer has had its fair share of bright colored outfits, but it’s time for autumn to step in and black to take over! SheIn has an extensive collection of clothing that is perfect for the incoming fall fashion. I have tried my very best to investigate their website and present the very best of their black collection. This is what my perfect black wardrobe would look like.

Since I resign in Southern California, the weather (even in winter) can be unpredictably warm. So I tried to mix in some lighter material pieces so if there is ever a glorious sunny morning (makes me sick! *10 points to me for Hocus Pocus quoting!) I wont die from a heat stroke. But these pieces can also be layered for the proper autumn and winter weather.

All these pieces can be mixed and matched because… they’re all black! That’s one of the many benefits about having an all black wardrobe. Literally everything goes with everything. But with great power, comes great responsibility. The downside to black….fading! I wish there was a way to never wash black clothes and keep them super black forever. But sadly I can’t afford dry cleaning. However I will do my best with the cold cycle and hang drying all my black garments. Maybe…just maybe it will delay the inevitable.

Links to each item:

Dolman Maxi Dress

Wednesday Adams Dress

High-Low Blouse

Cape Blouse

Scalloped Skinny Jeans

What a Handsy Skirt

Long Sleeve Crop Top

Biker Jacket

Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse

Thigh High Boots

Ox Blood Boots

Moon Pendant

Big Announcement!

My lovely boyfriend was so kind enough to buy us tickets to see STEVIE NICKS! I am so stoked to be finally  seeing her live! December 18th can’t come soon enough! I will definitely be posting my adventures that day. So stay tuned!

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