GS-Love – Back to Black

This blog post was made in collaboration with GS-Love.

You can say I’m a bit alternative, I have tons of ink and short hair. And when I hit the Vegas slots, I like to look like a BOSS ASS BITCH in the most unorthodox way possible, of course! What a better way to match my alternative style with my alternative to the “little black dress.”

This ensemble I like to call Back to Black. Black is one of the most versatile colors in the fashion world and just so happens to be my favorite color. But I’m taking the ‘little black dress’ for a joyride. You can slay even in the most basic of colors. It’s just about finding an interesting fit garment that is a statement in its own right.






For my unorthodox Vegas outfit, I paired this revealing sheer maxi skirt with a mock neckline crop top. This maxi skirt has been on my radar since I first saw it on GS-Love’s website. It is so different and unique! It a step up from modest but not quite same-ol-little-black-dress. I felt that this skirt was such a statement that it needed to be paired appropriately with a more modest top that still had a funky edge to it. I am all for crop tops and getting to expose my aerial abs! With a mock neckline, it leaves a lot to the imagination doesn’t it!

To finish off my outfit, I adorned my bare chest with this geometrical necklace. I picked a bold necklace to balance the top of the outfit with the bottom statement skirt. I love statement necklaces, and now I can add one more to my collection!

I want thank GS-Love for the amazing opportunity to collaborate with them. They recently went through a name change, so some of you may know GS-Love as G-Stage. Same company! I first heard about them by my mom, of all people, about 6 years ago. There weren’t too many around back then but when I moved out as an adult, there was one conveniently located about a mile from me.

I think I love this store so much because they cater to both small frame women and big frame women. Every BODY can be a FASHIONABLE body!


Be sure to use code Nicki20 for some money off (limited time offer!):




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